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The ATH10KB3404KL2A is a thermistor assembly with aglass encapsulated thermistor packaged in an extra compactring lug. The ATH10KB3404KL2A series thermistorconsists of three versions, ATH10KB3404KL2AT65S,ATH10KB3404KL2AT65 and ATH10KB3404KL2A. TheATH10KB3404KL2A has bare leads coated with copper, theATH10KB3404KL2AT65S has the leads covered by hightemperature plastic tubing and sealed by epoxy, while theATH10KB3404KL2AT65 is the non-sealed version.Compared with conventional assemblies containing epoxyencapsulated thermistors, ATH10KB3404KL2A presentshigher long term stability, higher reliability and widertemperature range. In addition, it is compact size and has ashort response time.



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